Food for Thought

I came across this video yesterday from SoulPancake (only one of the best YouTube channels ever and where Kid President shines in all his adorable, inspirational, feel-good, glory). This video, however, stars everyday people like you and me. They were asked what they thought the world needs more of. They give some pretty great answers… my favorites are “lilly pads” and “less”.

What do you think the world needs more of?

Slightly Perfect Cover Songs

Need a pick me up on this slightly dreaded Monday? Me too… this should help.

There are few things that get me excited like a great cover of an already really great song. It was pretty chilly here this weekend and all I wanted to do was sit around a bonfire with friends, blankets, and an acoustic guitar…. unfortunately this didn’t actually happen, but it did have me clicking around YouTube for hours searching for some new and different versions of songs. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Here are some of my favorites:

This guy’s version of Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO is pure genius. I first heard this months ago and immediately fell in love.

When Passion Pit covers Carry On by Fun. …what a perfect mix.

This unexpected and delightfully different version of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. LOVING her voice… and her style!

So much respect for the talent this guy has! This rendition of Kids by MGMT is unique and really cool.

And this unlikely duet with Sara Bareilles and Sugarland covering Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners. My heart actually skipped a beat when I heard this. Don’t you just want to be on stage with them having so much fun?!

Here’s to hoping you enjoy these as much as I did! Have a lovely Monday.


So this is a bit different than what I shared above, but there is the Vitamin String Quartet…. who plays some pretty perfect covers of modern and classic songs. You should probably just check out their whole channel.

Trend: Denim.

Remember when I said “more to come” during my flannel photo shoot? Well, here it is. My lovely photographer that day also made quite a gorgeous model.

One of the trends I loved this summer was denim. Cut-off denim shorts, studded denim, trendy denim overalls, cut-off denim vests, dip-dyed and bleached denim… you get the picture. Anyways, why stop there? The weather is getting cooler but you can still rock a denim on denim look!


You can keep it cool and simple by pairing comfy boyfriend jeans (any jean cut will do but slouchy boyfriend cuts are perfect for those fall days when you want to look great with minimal effort) with your favorite white tee and a denim shirt or jacket. Embellished denim shirts are great but if yours is just plain, layer lots of necklaces or your favorite jewelry pieces to add your own personal twist. It also creates an intriguing focal point to your outfit.



I’ll let you in on a little secret…. Tierney upcycled the denim shirt she’s wearing here. Her and I both love finding good deals and many of our shopping trips end up in thrift stores. Finding great frames to thrift store clothes is key because, ultimately, you can make it into whatever you want. For this particular piece she dip-dyed and bleached the jacket and then embellished the front pockets with round silver studs. Doesn’t it look great? See more of her pieces here and maybe you’ll find something you like! Scratch that, you’ll definitely find something you like.


P.S. Old drive-in movie theaters make for awesome photo opportunities! Don’t you think?

Weekend Recap. All for fun and fun for all.

Happy Monday!

To start off this week, I’ll recap my crazy busy weekend I’ve had here in sweet old Morgantown. This weekend was WVU’s homecoming weekend, so there were plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. We kicked off Friday with our annual Business and Economics Student Olympics. Basically, it’s an excuse for the business students and faculty to run around the lawn competing in silly games and eating delicious BBQ.

So here’s how it went down:

Dean Sartarelli lights the infamous B&E Olympic torch

IMG_0853 photo

And then there are all sorts of fun games like pony express, hula hooping, minute-to-win-it challenges and cow milking contests… just to name a few

IMG_3980 - Copy IMG_0857

IMG_0867 IMG_0860

A feast of totally delicious Martin’s Bar-B-Que comes next (seriously, go grab a bite if there are any locations near you!)

IMG_0863 IMG_0866

After a few more team games and relays, points are totaled and winners are announced… We racked up a whopping 35 points (not so whopping at all, but rather quite sad compared to totals in the 500s). Nonetheless, we had a great time. And what college student/ faculty member doesn’t love spending a beautiful Friday afternoon running around like kids again? Big thank you and shout out to our beautiful and crazy Marketing Club team!


The rest of my weekend consisted of college football, tailgating (with lots of good friends and food, of course), meeting past WVU alumni and quality roommate time, followed by a Sunday filled with meetings, interviews and group projects.

Here’s to another busy week, enjoy!

Fall is for Flannel


What’s one more reason I absolutely love this season, you ask? Because fall brings cool weather… and cool weather brings flannels, sweaters, and layers! My friend, Tierney, and I went on a little fall photo shoot recently and I couldn’t be happier with the photo results! (more from this day coming soon!) My style is forever changing but I like the idea of making a unique wardrobe that can be versatile and totally your own.


I’m wearing one of my favorite old flannels (yes, it’s a men’s cut but I couldn’t resist and who doesn’t love a slightly oversized flannel that looks and feels great?) I’d probably say I have a definite addiction to three things when it comes to clothes: sweaters, florals, and flannels. I paired this one with simple skinny jeans and adorable black booties I found in my mom’s closet. I was super excited about this find! My morning went from “oh no I left all my shoes at school” to “thank you, mom!” I worked them into the outfit by pairing them with a neutral, high-ankle sock. It all came together for a low-key completely perfect fall outfit.


IMG_3263 IMG_3183

What are your fall fashion must haves?

P.S. Thanks so much to my photographer TB!

Going “Fishing”


Fishing, aka: the casino. When my dad texted me Friday saying we were going fishing this weekend I was thinking an afternoon at the breeches with a book and a fishing rod. Little did I know what he actually meant was, we’re going to the casino, don’t tell your sister. Sunday night rolls around and my parents and I head over to Hollywood Casino for some penny slot gambling.

Highlights of the night:

One old woman winning $1000+ on a penny slot machine (so jealous, but good for her!)
A crazy woman working her mojo on two slot machines at one time
Winning $26 off a 50 cent bet (small victories feel pretty good too)
Seeing the number on my dad’s cash out ticket

IMG_0824   IMG_0826   IMG_0821   IMG_0822