Fall is for Flannel


What’s one more reason I absolutely love this season, you ask? Because fall brings cool weather… and cool weather brings flannels, sweaters, and layers! My friend, Tierney, and I went on a little fall photo shoot recently and I couldn’t be happier with the photo results! (more from this day coming soon!) My style is forever changing but I like the idea of making a unique wardrobe that can be versatile and totally your own.


I’m wearing one of my favorite old flannels (yes, it’s a men’s cut but I couldn’t resist and who doesn’t love a slightly oversized flannel that looks and feels great?) I’d probably say I have a definite addiction to three things when it comes to clothes: sweaters, florals, and flannels. I paired this one with simple skinny jeans and adorable black booties I found in my mom’s closet. I was super excited about this find! My morning went from “oh no I left all my shoes at school” to “thank you, mom!” I worked them into the outfit by pairing them with a neutral, high-ankle sock. It all came together for a low-key completely perfect fall outfit.


IMG_3263 IMG_3183

What are your fall fashion must haves?

P.S. Thanks so much to my photographer TB!


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