Weekend Recap. All for fun and fun for all.

Happy Monday!

To start off this week, I’ll recap my crazy busy weekend I’ve had here in sweet old Morgantown. This weekend was WVU’s homecoming weekend, so there were plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. We kicked off Friday with our annual Business and Economics Student Olympics. Basically, it’s an excuse for the business students and faculty to run around the lawn competing in silly games and eating delicious BBQ.

So here’s how it went down:

Dean Sartarelli lights the infamous B&E Olympic torch

IMG_0853 photo

And then there are all sorts of fun games like pony express, hula hooping, minute-to-win-it challenges and cow milking contests… just to name a few

IMG_3980 - Copy IMG_0857

IMG_0867 IMG_0860

A feast of totally delicious Martin’s Bar-B-Que comes next (seriously, go grab a bite if there are any locations near you!)

IMG_0863 IMG_0866

After a few more team games and relays, points are totaled and winners are announced… We racked up a whopping 35 points (not so whopping at all, but rather quite sad compared to totals in the 500s). Nonetheless, we had a great time. And what college student/ faculty member doesn’t love spending a beautiful Friday afternoon running around like kids again? Big thank you and shout out to our beautiful and crazy Marketing Club team!


The rest of my weekend consisted of college football, tailgating (with lots of good friends and food, of course), meeting past WVU alumni and quality roommate time, followed by a Sunday filled with meetings, interviews and group projects.

Here’s to another busy week, enjoy!


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