Mountaineer Week

Last week marked the 66th annual Mountaineer Week (AKA my dad’s favorite week of the year). What on earth does that mean? Basically, it’s a unique week-long celebration of Appalachian culture. The intent is to educate the WVU students and surrounding communities about the traditions that make West Virginia what it is today.

Events lasted all week long including:

The Mountaineer Week Craft Fair (so many talented vendors, but my favorites were definitely the hand-crafted jewelers!)

Mountain Music Concert featuring “the instruments and sounds of Appalachia”

the infamous PRT Cram (yes, I did cram myself into that PRT)


The Festival of Ideas Speaker Event Series

Beard Shaving Contest (hosted by none other than the Mountaineer himself, Jon Kimble)

Mountaineer Idol

Mountaineer Week Football Game


This list goes on. So, I’ll stop and just give you the link to go see what else Mountaineer Week has in store! It’s truly a unique experience and an amazing feeling to be part of something like this.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget to mention a whole week of this parked in the center of campus…

IMG_0976 IMG_0979

Kettle corn, deep-fried Oreos, funnel cake, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Try walking past that every day and not give in… it’s nearly impossible.


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