Christmas Questionnaire

After my friend did this little questionnaire over on That Charming Life, I was inspired to have some fun too. P.S. her answers are great, go check it out.

Hot chocolate or eggnog?

Eee, neither. Gasp! I don’t like hot chocolate?! Story of my life. Nope, neither are for me. I’ll take hot tea over anything on a cold winter day.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree?

Santa doesn’t wrap our presents, he places them in sorted piles in the living room. We wrap our family gifts to each other and place them under the tree to enjoy after we eat breakfast.

Colored lights or white?

Both! We decorate our house on the outside with colored lights and it literally looks like a gingerbread house. It’s fantastic. But we decorate our tree with white lights, which I love.

When do you decorate?

Usually a week or two after Thanksgiving.

Real or fake tree?

Real. Always. There’s just something about trekking through the tree farm and finding the perfect one, even if the perfect one needs a little Charlie Brown love.

What tops your tree?

An angel. A perfect reminder of what Christmas is all about amidst the glitz and glam of the holiday season.

Favorite Christmas memories or traditions?

Christmas eve is my favorite. The family gets all dressed up for mass and then we come home for dinner with a bunch of relatives that live in the area. What’s for dinner? Pierogies! Homemade, of course. We watch A Christmas Story and then try to fall asleep… which admittedly is always hard. When my siblings and I were little we would all camp out in one of our rooms and talk about what we thought Santa would bring until we were all asleep.

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?

My purple bean bag chair was huge! Seriously loved that thing.

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Giving! I love holiday shopping and finding the perfect gift for someone. I get so much joy from seeing others excited about something I was able to do for them. And waiting until Christmas to give it to them… torture.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Tough!! Santa Baby is always so fun to sing along to but I do love Silent Night, as well.

Candy canes. Yuck or yum?

Eh, in the middle. I’m a total fan of the peppermint candy but candy canes are just inconvenient to eat.

Favorite Christmas movie?

Hands down, It’s a Wonderful Life. But a close second has to be Elf. You can see my list of top 10 Christmas movies here.

Do you shop online or at stores?

Primarily in stores because I like the hustle and bustle and all the holiday decorations and Christmas spirit. However, online shopping is so clutch at times! Plus, as a student currently working retail…approaching the last days before Christmas people get absolutely crazy and after an 8-9 hour work day, the only place I want to be is on my couch with a glass of wine.

Photo cards, letter or store bought cards?

Photo! Love seeing all the family photos being sent this time of the year! But I’m also a sucker for anything creative, fun, or just good design in general.

Ugh, enough about me. Let’s see what your Christmas season looks like! Post a link to your questionnaire or comment!

Linking up with Michelle for this Christmas Questionnaire.


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