Fun in the Snow

Like many others, Morgantown was hit with a little snowstorm yesterday. I guess if I kept up with the weather I would’ve known to expect this but because I usually just refer to my window/balcony to determine what to wear, you can imagine my surprise waking up to a solid five inches on the ground! The snow continued to fall and by the end of the day we had around nine inches!

IMG_1274 IMG_1276

IMG_1277 IMG_1294

IMG_1278 IMG_1275

This is more snow than Morgantown has had in a long while. The university honestly doesn’t close for weather too often so I still had to trek to my morning class but lucky for me, after lunch I got two class cancellation emails and my school day turned into a snow day! Cue the perfect snow day! I made a beeline for my PIC. I knew she’d be down for adventurous fun.




We crossed off two things on our WVU bucket list… 1. Go sledding through the hills and streets of Morgantown (so what if it was on a cookie sheet? College is all about the imagination and improvising, right?) and 2. Make snow angels in front of Woodburn Hall (probably the most famous and picturesque building on campus)

Definitely one of the best snow days ever. Did you get hit with the snow? What is one of your most memorable snow days?

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