Hello DC!

It’s been so long! Again. I feel like I’m always falling behind with my blogging these days. Anyway, last week I took a much needed mini trip to DC with my family and I thought I’d share some of the fun we had.

We were in the city for a volleyball tournament my sister was playing in but we were fortunate to get some touristy time in too (although I tried to blend in). I’ve only been to DC a handful of times but there’s something about it I just love and can’t get enough of. We visited the White House (and witnessed a kid climb the front gate and almost get tackled by a security officer) and walked through the Natural History Museum (the crystals were gorgeous). We also went to the Old Post Office, which is such a cool old building with a killer view at the top. One night we went out to eat at this little Irish pub that had so much charm and character, plus the food was delicious. Of course we watched a lot of volleyball and got lost a time or two. It was a perfect mini trip but now has me wanting to travel anywhere and everywhere.

Do you visit or live in the DC area? What are some of your favorite parts about the city?

Have a happy Monday everyone!


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