Mid-Week Inspo Board // Garden Party

It still doesn’t feel like it yet, but we’ve finally made it out of winter and into the blooming months of spring. Decided to make a little garden party themed inspiration board this week to keep things in the spirit of the warm, colorful, fresh, new season.

Butterfly Gown // Deep-V Romper // Drinks // Edible Flowers Cake // Fenced Flowers // Floral Tie // Flower Explosion // Hanging Mason Jar Flowers // Spring Wall Art //  Table for Two // Table Setting // Tissue Flower Garland // You are My Favorite

Taking Stock // 01


Making: lists on lists on lists
Cooking: none other than your classic grilled cheese
Drinking: coffee. like boarder line too much coffee
Reading: The Catcher in the Rye. And lots of exhilarating textbook chapters and case studies.
Wanting: to travel anywhere and everywhere
Looking: forward to t-shirt weather
Playing: the Unwind station on iTunes Radio
Wasting: study breaks on BuzzFeed quizzes
Sewing: nada
Wishing: I was still lounging on the sunny Florida beaches
Enjoying: the last of my college days
Waiting: for the one. Whatever, whomever, whichever… the one may be.
Liking: men’s florals
Wondering: where I’ll be headed come May 10
Loving: down time spent with great people
Hoping: for nice hiking weather soon
Marveling: at the starry sky on clear nights
Needing: tickets for Jimmy Buffett this summer
Smelling: grass and the first rains of spring
Wearing: no more winter coats
Following: the new season of Scandal
Noticing: how right everyone was when they said college is like a time vacuum; the longest and shortest four years of your life
Knowing: it’ll all work out in the end, somehow
Thinking: about the future
Bookmarking: gift ideas
Opening: the doors and windows for fresh spring air
Giggling: a word that I most strongly associate with one person
Feeling: everything

Stumbled across this little list on A Pretty Penny and thought I’d give it a go. It reminds me of word games and things alike I used to play as a kid. It’s fun to reflect like this sometimes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective.

Well as you may or may not know, it’s spring break!! Some friends and I flew to Florida a few days ago and while on the flight (lucky me, I got the window seat) I looked out over the clouds and the changing landscapes and perspective came to mind. It’s often not every day we get to see how amazing and beautiful the clouds and the earth are from above. So I decided to take this approach this week for the challenge and have photos from above and below the clouds.



Julep: March Maven

IMG_1552 IMG_1559

Are you a nail polish fiend? I might be… just maybe. Anyway, I recently signed up for the Julep nail subscription and I’m absolutely loving my polishes. If you’ve never heard, Julep is a subscription based nail color line. For new subscribers, your first box is FREE. You pay a few bucks for shipping, but for two or three beautiful polishes and a nice beauty extra… sign me up! After your first box each month is $20. Is it worth that? Maybe. But there are perks… for every new subscriber you recruit you earn 1000 Jules, and 2000 Jules = FREE box (that includes no shipping too). So now is it worth it? Probably. Of course you can call to cancel at any time, but for a few bucks it’s definitely worth a try! Sold yet? Become a Maven here …and help me earn a few Jules! 😉

IMG_1555 IMG_1553

So this month I got a gorgeous lavender color (which has just the tiniest little bit of shimmer, making it that much better) and an orangy coral. Both of which have turned into my new favorite colors. They’re just too perfect for spring break this week! This month also came with a Julep lip gloss. Tried it, liked it, will continue to use but nothing too crazy different than your typical lip gloss. It is a fun pink color though, can’t pass up a pretty pink gloss! Bonus: they threw in an old fashioned candy stick! Cotton candy flavored. Definitely appreciated that in the midst of midterms.

Already a Maven? What’s the best color you’ve ever gotten?

Until next time!

Thursday Thrift: Versatile Florals


Hey all!

It’s that time again. First Thursday of the month (how is it March already?!). I thrifted this fantastic blouse over last summer. Yes, I love it that much I did find ways to wear it in the warm summer months. But today I’ll share a few other ways I like to style it. Here I wore it as a semi business casual look. (yes, my interpretation of business casual tends to be on the more casual side but no, business casual doesn’t have to mean stuffy and boring) I paired it with dark jeans and threw on a black blazer for a little more professionalism, and finished off the look with black cutout booties and a crafted button necklace.

IMG_1462 IMG_1451

I’ve also worn it tucked into black dress pants, which I’ve found to look great too. I don’t always dress it up though… sometimes I’ll wear it with a basic skinny jean and black canvas kicks (aka Keds), roll up the sleeves and I have a cute casual day look. Versatility… the spice of fashion.

Is there anything in your closet you find ways to wear for every occasion?

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“Decide what to be and go be it.”

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready to dive into another busy week. This weekend was definitely needed. Kicked it off a little early on Thursday with a watch party for the season premier of Scandal. Do any of you watch? This season is about to be crazy. One of my roommates and best friends turned the lovely 22 this weekend… naturally we celebrated with karaoke night and sang T.Swift. Took a day trip to Pittsburgh to catch up with some great friends at The Cheesecake Factory (first time dining there for this gal and I’ll admit it lived up to the hype). Finished the weekend with an absolutely amazing show performed by Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers. (eeeeeep!) I’m still dreaming of the sheer talent that every single one of them possesses. They demand your attention with pure energy and entertainment. And I’ve never seen anyone completely rock out with banjos, cellos, harmonicas, and violins like they did. My kind of people. Any big Avett and OCMS fans out there?