Julep: March Maven

IMG_1552 IMG_1559

Are you a nail polish fiend? I might be… just maybe. Anyway, I recently signed up for the Julep nail subscription and I’m absolutely loving my polishes. If you’ve never heard, Julep is a subscription based nail color line. For new subscribers, your first box is FREE. You pay a few bucks for shipping, but for two or three beautiful polishes and a nice beauty extra… sign me up! After your first box each month is $20. Is it worth that? Maybe. But there are perks… for every new subscriber you recruit you earn 1000 Jules, and 2000 Jules = FREE box (that includes no shipping too). So now is it worth it? Probably. Of course you can call to cancel at any time, but for a few bucks it’s definitely worth a try! Sold yet? Become a Maven here …and help me earn a few Jules! 😉

IMG_1555 IMG_1553

So this month I got a gorgeous lavender color (which has just the tiniest little bit of shimmer, making it that much better) and an orangy coral. Both of which have turned into my new favorite colors. They’re just too perfect for spring break this week! This month also came with a Julep lip gloss. Tried it, liked it, will continue to use but nothing too crazy different than your typical lip gloss. It is a fun pink color though, can’t pass up a pretty pink gloss! Bonus: they threw in an old fashioned candy stick! Cotton candy flavored. Definitely appreciated that in the midst of midterms.

Already a Maven? What’s the best color you’ve ever gotten?

Until next time!

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