Taking Stock // 01


Making: lists on lists on lists
Cooking: none other than your classic grilled cheese
Drinking: coffee. like boarder line too much coffee
Reading: The Catcher in the Rye. And lots of exhilarating textbook chapters and case studies.
Wanting: to travel anywhere and everywhere
Looking: forward to t-shirt weather
Playing: the Unwind station on iTunes Radio
Wasting: study breaks on BuzzFeed quizzes
Sewing: nada
Wishing: I was still lounging on the sunny Florida beaches
Enjoying: the last of my college days
Waiting: for the one. Whatever, whomever, whichever… the one may be.
Liking: men’s florals
Wondering: where I’ll be headed come May 10
Loving: down time spent with great people
Hoping: for nice hiking weather soon
Marveling: at the starry sky on clear nights
Needing: tickets for Jimmy Buffett this summer
Smelling: grass and the first rains of spring
Wearing: no more winter coats
Following: the new season of Scandal
Noticing: how right everyone was when they said college is like a time vacuum; the longest and shortest four years of your life
Knowing: it’ll all work out in the end, somehow
Thinking: about the future
Bookmarking: gift ideas
Opening: the doors and windows for fresh spring air
Giggling: a word that I most strongly associate with one person
Feeling: everything

Stumbled across this little list on A Pretty Penny and thought I’d give it a go. It reminds me of word games and things alike I used to play as a kid. It’s fun to reflect like this sometimes.


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