OOTD | River Walk


I’ve had this outfit post on my desktop for a little while now. Seems as good a time as any to share. The week between the ending of finals and graduation was oddly hot for the beginning of May… but I’m not complaining! I spent the time relaxing, prepping for graduation, cleaning out the apartment I called home for the past two years, hanging out with the best of friends, and enjoying as many Morgantown traditions and quirks as I could. But of course we also had to indulge in Starbucks’ frappuccino happy hour and walks along the river trail!

IMG_1993 IMG_1985

Mid-Week Inspo // Texture

Feeling inspired by these pretty textures this week. Have a happy, wonderful, inspired, feel-good, spontaneous Wednesday!

// Beige Carpeting // Floral Painting // Knit Blankets // Tile // Wedding Gown // Cake // Scalloped Accent Wall // Embroidery // Lace Umbrella //

Mid-Week Inspo // Stained Glass

A few weeks ago I took a mini trip to visit with some family and friends. During an afternoon walk around town I spotted a gorgeous old Victorian looking home with some stunning stained glass windows. I’m sad I didn’t have any device with me to snap a couple photos, but in hindsight they wouldn’t do it justice. So this week’s inspo board is all about the beautiful colors and designs of stained glass.

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Can we be friends again?

Well this is awkward. I feel like we broke up and now I’m the needy partner coming to beg you to take me back. I didn’t mean it, I’ll change, I’m sorry! Without making excuses, I’ve honestly just been super busy the past month and have been trying to live in the now as much as humanly possible. There’s been a lot of craziness lately with some really big changes. I’ll gradually fill you in on some things in upcoming posts… if you didn’t completely abandon me on the side of the road and vow never to look back in the rear view mirror because that girl just can’t stay consistent with her blogging. Apologies! Let’s be friends again, shall we?

What’s a Monday without a little feel-good photo? Enjoy today!

Reluctant Dancer Mini Poster