Taking Stock | 02

Making: coffee
Cooking: tacos!
Drinking: H2O
Reading: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
Wanting: a closet full of new summer dresses
Looking: for a job (anyone in need of a young marketer/pr/communications professional?!)
Playing: candy crush… yep I’m still mildly addicted
Wasting: Monday nights on The Bachelorette (whoops)
Sewing: not sure why I keep this in here… I don’t sew. Who am I kidding?
Wishing: safe travels and the best time of her life to my girl over at That Charming Life
Enjoying: spending time with family
Waiting: for a call
Liking: mojitos! why have I never tried one of these before?
Wondering: how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Loving: how green and full everything is starting to get
Hoping: for a change
Marveling: at life and love
Needing: to travel
Smelling: the Mango Peach Salsa candle from Yankee Candle
Wearing: my “Hi my name is Sarah” badge
Following: job boards
Noticing: season wildflowers popping up everywhere
Knowing: everything happens for a reason
Thinking: of dying my hair…
Bookmarking: neat home projects
Opening: emails
Giggling: is a silly word
Feeling: oh so sore…. P90X: 1 Sarah: 0

Inspired by A Pretty Penny

Have a wonderful week!



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