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These words are so simple but powerful. I’m working on it, are you?





If you’re like me… a broke, confused, disheveled, post-college, nervous, twenty-something, trying to figure out where you will possibly go from here, where you could possibly fit into this crazy ass big bad real world of ours… take a minute to read The Twentysomething Nursery Rhyme. It won’t give you all the answers you’re looking for but it’s fun and offers unique perspective and a little peace-of-mind.

Taking Stock | 02

Making: coffee
Cooking: tacos!
Drinking: H2O
Reading: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
Wanting: a closet full of new summer dresses
Looking: for a job (anyone in need of a young marketer/pr/communications professional?!)
Playing: candy crush… yep I’m still mildly addicted
Wasting: Monday nights on The Bachelorette (whoops)
Sewing: not sure why I keep this in here… I don’t sew. Who am I kidding?
Wishing: safe travels and the best time of her life to my girl over at That Charming Life
Enjoying: spending time with family
Waiting: for a call
Liking: mojitos! why have I never tried one of these before?
Wondering: how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Loving: how green and full everything is starting to get
Hoping: for a change
Marveling: at life and love
Needing: to travel
Smelling: the Mango Peach Salsa candle from Yankee Candle
Wearing: my “Hi my name is Sarah” badge
Following: job boards
Noticing: season wildflowers popping up everywhere
Knowing: everything happens for a reason
Thinking: of dying my hair…
Bookmarking: neat home projects
Opening: emails
Giggling: is a silly word
Feeling: oh so sore…. P90X: 1 Sarah: 0

Inspired by A Pretty Penny

Have a wonderful week!


OOTD | River Walk


I’ve had this outfit post on my desktop for a little while now. Seems as good a time as any to share. The week between the ending of finals and graduation was oddly hot for the beginning of May… but I’m not complaining! I spent the time relaxing, prepping for graduation, cleaning out the apartment I called home for the past two years, hanging out with the best of friends, and enjoying as many Morgantown traditions and quirks as I could. But of course we also had to indulge in Starbucks’ frappuccino happy hour and walks along the river trail!

IMG_1993 IMG_1985

Mid-Week Inspo // Stained Glass

A few weeks ago I took a mini trip to visit with some family and friends. During an afternoon walk around town I spotted a gorgeous old Victorian looking home with some stunning stained glass windows. I’m sad I didn’t have any device with me to snap a couple photos, but in hindsight they wouldn’t do it justice. So this week’s inspo board is all about the beautiful colors and designs of stained glass.

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