Wasting time, or nah?

Happy hump day! I don’t have a mid-week inspo board for you today but I do have this little quote to share that I worked into simple word art. Remember, it’s always about perspective. And in the slang of all the teens out there… are you wasting time, or nah? Enjoy!


Browsing Convenience .01


Any big plans this weekend? Can’t say I have much going on. Just work and research over on this end. Hope you have a good one, no matter what’s on your agenda! I’ve compiled a little list for ya.

For your browsing convenience on this sweet Saturday…

Cutest toddler photo shoot.

You know I’m a sucker for the BuzzFeed quiz. I got The Harbor School. Win.

Navid Baraty’s stunning photography.

80 years of World Cup ticket designs.

Ever consider fostering a kitten?

Yeah, I’d move.

Some of the coolest beach art I’ve ever seen.

Eye opening article on relationships and acceptance.

These crowns are so beautiful and cool.

Calling all The Hunger Games fans.

Just Blooming

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

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I’m not sure where this quote came from but I think it’s stunning. In today’s world with social media I think we’re all guilty of looking through our feed and thinking man, they really have it all together or I wish I had their life. Truth is we’re all here for different reasons and have been dealt our own hand of cards for a reason. We need to remind ourselves of this and bloom in our own way, on our own time. I’m especially guilty of this right now, as I see all my friends and classmates moving on with their post college lives and getting good jobs in cool new cities and I’m here writing this post, sitting on my parents’ couch on my day off from the same customer service retail job I’ve had since high school. So when I saw this quote, it really resonated with me. It’s not for lack of effort that I’m still in this position. It’s simply timing. My time will come (hopefully sooner rather than later) and when it does I will be ready and welcome it with open arms. Until then, I’ll be bustin ass trying to make big things happen on the career front and trying to find the beauty in what I have now. Just blooming.