Weekly Photo Challenge: Street View

The photo challenge this week was street view. I had a hard time deciding which view to share with you all but ultimately settled on the Main Street view in Daytona Beach, FL. I thought it was a bit more intriguing than your typical street photo (although, I’m sucker for a good shot of a pretty or interesting street!) Anyway, this was taken only a few weeks ago during my spring break trip to Daytona Beach.


A little story to go with the challenge this week.

My friends and I were looking forward to a relaxing week on warm sunny beaches but little did we know the town would be taken over by hundreds of bikers! People from all over the US travel with their bikes to Daytona once a year to ride along the shore, trade parts, show off their bikes (snazzy rides, let me tell ya), gather and ultimately just have a good time. At first we were skeptical. Who are all these bikers? Will we have a relaxing time? Are they ever going to stop beeping their horns and revving their engines? Well contrary to popular stereotype, they’re actually some really nice people, with a completely bad ass lifestyle. The revving never stopped but we got used to it and had a blast regardless. Our joke of the week was “bikers vs. breakers”. Obviously we were breakers but secretly wanted to be part of the bikers. So we ventured on down to Main Street (pictured here) and felt totally out of place. Picture 5 little college girls roaming through hundreds of parked bikes and huge crowds of rowdy leather and denim clad bikers… kind of comical, and clearly stood out like a sore thumb. It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and if I ever own a bike (not likely but wishful thinking) I’ll know where to start my bike week excursions!

Hope you enjoyed the photo and story time this week. Have you ever been to a bike week? Or had an experience like I did, thought your trip would be one thing and had a complete curve ball? I’d love to hear your story!

Well, enjoy the nice weather (I know I’ll be soaking up every bit of these 70 degrees of sunshine while it lasts) and if you have a bike…. take a little spin for me!